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ACCLECO TO ACCLOW: Change, is good

The past year has proven change is imminent and absolute, the only aspect you can rely on. Whether you contribute this realization to COVID-19 or the factors surrounding it, the world had a serious way to teach us that adaptation is necessary for all of us. Personally, and in business. All of which begins with being honest. 

We began a decade ago as Accleco Consulting Limited, and served over 400+ clients worldwide till today. Including 270+ local clients in Bangladesh and 150+ globally; managing beyond 2000+ projects. And now, time has come to grow.

Why change?

This is where we needed to change, to support you. As of 2021, we are re-establishing ourselves from Accleco Consulting Limited to ACCLOW Consulting, a global accountancy firm with headquarters in London, England with a fresh set of tools to help you accelerate your business processes and accomplish your outcomes. 

Business accounting, financial advisory and investment consultancy needs are no longer the same as it was. Technology has driven the pace of operations to fasten tenfold. You now need to be notified of industrial trends every day, stay updated of performance data every hour, and assure financial health of your business every minute. Change of your surroundings have forced your behavior and time-management to be vital at all times. You can no longer afford to waste moments to fix your weaknesses, as the scenario is used best to amplify your strengths in business. 

How we help

Today, our mission is to provide accelerated accountancy and advisory services at low cost to enable global businesses to accomplish their core competences. To allow you to focus on what you love, while we count your blessings in the process. We use simpler reporting models, which are easy to digest and understand instantly. Find insightfully presented data, allowing you to make more accurate day-to-day decisions. Expect professional communication, keeping the promises of delivery. And of course, rest assured of safety in terms of data security and legitimate confidentiality. 

Time is short. Shed what you don’t need to do, and do what you do best. Change, it seems, is good.

This year, we stand renewed as a global entity, shedding our identity as Accleco Consulting Limited. To know more, visit www.acclow.com