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Applied Bioplastics Limited

The Client

Applied Bioplastics Limited is the subsidiary of Applied Bioplastic Corp. USA, supplying economically sustainable plant-based plastic alternatives. Their product variety delivers countless application possibilities! Transforming plastic as we know it. The mechanical properties they promise are higher than the standard materials we use today.

The Challenge

The company had a few non-compliance issues since their inception, primarily due to the lack of experienced finance and accounting personnel. This meant they did not have a payroll department to assure all employees get paid accurately and on time. To address and solve the issue, ACCLOW was appointed to fully perform a compliance health checkup and ensure that all non-compliances are properly addressed to avoid future penalties.

The Impact?

The troubles of the past were fixed! We ensured that all the past non-compliances were compiled to avoid any and all state consequences. The real change came in the form of a sustainable working model for their finance department. On which we guided and advised the management to implement major changes related to structuring their bookkeeping and accounting practices. 

All of which they apply, till date. If similar services are required, visit www.acclow.com today!