5 financial areas you must outsource today!

Accounting is a broad term, and it covers a long list of tasks. You might be wondering which accounting tasks you should hand over to an expert and which you should tackle by yourself. 1. Payroll Management This means handling your entire payroll process to ensure your employees get paid accurately and on time. This […]

Yagi & Co. Ltd.

The Client Yagi & Co. Ltd. is a Fiber trading company based in Japan, managing over 660 employees worldwide. They hold domestic office locations at Osaka, Tokyo, Fukui, Nagoya and Wakayama within Japan. Worldwide, their overseas office locations include Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Dhaka, Bangladesh. Their RMG product lines include cotton, synthetic […]

Applied Bioplastics Limited

The Client Applied Bioplastics Limited is the subsidiary of Applied Bioplastic Corp. USA, supplying economically sustainable plant-based plastic alternatives. Their product variety delivers countless application possibilities! Transforming plastic as we know it. The mechanical properties they promise are higher than the standard materials we use today. The Challenge The company had a few non-compliance issues […]

Jotun Bangladesh Limited

The Client Jotun Group is a Norwegian chemicals company primarily dealing with decorative paints and performance coatings (marine, protective and powder coatings). As of February 2017, the company has a presence in more than 100 countries around the world, managing 9500 employees across 63 companies in 45 countries. Their 37 production facilities are situated in 21 countries. The story […]

Mercans Bangladesh Limited

The Client Mercans Bangladesh Limited is Multinational Payroll management Company having operation and office in more than 140 countries. Today, they hold over 700 specialists, managing 8000 clients worldwide. Their goodwill can only be illustrated through their 20 years of consistent success. The Challenge The multinational company was facing a challenge with incorporation in Bangladesh, […]

ACCLOW: Where money comes cultured

Money doesn’t have to be messy, which is a major reason why cash is perceived as a dirty thing. The difference comes in making sense of your finances, and having a commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.   At ACCLOW Consulting, our core values dictate our actions. We put forward value, by providing low-cost accounting […]

ACCLOW: Accounting, Accelerated and Accomplished

ACCLOW Consulting stands today as a multinational BPO and professional consulting organization. We provide financial & accounting outsourcing and business & compliance advisory to SMEs and established businesses. With headquarters in London, England with regional offices in South Asia, we have over a decade experience in the field of Accountancy and Advisory services, serving over […]

ACCLECO TO ACCLOW: Change, is good

The past year has proven change is imminent and absolute, the only aspect you can rely on. Whether you contribute this realization to COVID-19 or the factors surrounding it, the world had a serious way to teach us that adaptation is necessary for all of us. Personally, and in business. All of which begins with […]