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Specialized Advisory

We shall manage your accounting and payroll components seamlessly! End-to-end. Cut costs by up to 50% while gaining a proactive team delivering Full Financial Reports as per your requirements.

CFO Outsourcing

Business Advisory


CFO Outsourcing

Streamline your business finances from the very beginning, till the very end.

From financial reporting, risk management, operational efficiency to developing strategies, our ACCLOW CFOs can manage it all.

✅ Virtual/Remote CFO

Our Virtual CFO Service address the challenges of growing business in a cost-effective manner, so that new businesses can leverage a competitive advantage. Our ongoing Virtual CFO retainer engagements can be as low as 2 hours a week and can go as high as 35 hours a week.

✅ Intrim CFO

When a current CFO suddenly quits or may fall sick for a long period of time you could both put in all your efforts in searching for a new candidate and lose precious time and money or you could bring in an experienced CFO from our team, as your Interim CFO.

✅ Special Purpose CFO

When handling multiple projects at same time, the pressure on the current CFO can be brutal; this could lead to delay in decision making and project management. We can step in this crucial time to help the existing senior management and CFO to execute multiple projects with greater efficiency.

✅ Full Time CFO

Our team of experienced CFOs can foster exclusive insights, give strategic advice and offer tailored solutions that will create a positive impact on your business. We can figure out exactly what you need which makes it easy for us to source the right CFO talent from the market for you.

can do for you

Businesses are always competitive. Our CFOs can take you miles ahead in that race. Their ability to manage your financial operations is surely something else.  

✅ Company Strategic Planning

✅ Transaction Advisory

✅ Cash Flow & Working Capital Management

✅ Investor Relationship

✅ Management Reporting

✅ Budgeting & Forecasting

✅ Pre-IPO Consultancy

✅ Finance Team Structuring

✅ Establishing Business Plans

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Business Advisory

✅ Internal Audit

Internal auditing is an objective assurance activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. A strategically structured internal audit function plays a vital role in assisting your board members and management in solving business challenges.

Outsourcing Internal Audit Function

This includes the performance of all internal audit activities including the annual planning, execution of the annual plan, and reporting to board, management and the audit committee.

Quality Assurance Reviews

The assessments help organizations to support the key stakeholder expectations and help companies enhance the effectiveness, quality and value received from the internal audit.

Policy and Manual Development

This includes the development of a Standard Operating Policy (SOP) for organizations, to help them in setting up structured system for running daily operation

✅ Forensic Audit

When scrutiny is most intense, organizations must not only determine the facts, but also determine them quickly. Our forensic accounting professionals provide strategic guidance, helping you resolve high-stakes matters involving fraud and corruption, accounting irregularities, and a wide variety of compliance issues.

Forensic audit includes

1️⃣ Corporate investigations

2️⃣ Anti-corruption compliance

3️⃣ Due diligence

4️⃣ Financial reporting disputes

5️⃣ False claims act

6️⃣ Fraud prevention


Software Implementation and Migration Advisory

Adapt to Improve

The value and benefit of new ERP software can be tremendous.  The software has the opportunity to improve efficiencies, increase responsiveness to your customers, provide better information for management decisions and allow for business expansion. Unlike other technology vendors who only sell, promote and implement their own software, we help clients select and implement the tool which fits best.

✅ Business Valuation and Advisory

We offer a combined approach to helping you measure, analyse and report on a broad range of valuation issues. We bring together professionals with extensive valuation, corporate finance and transaction strategy expertise.

1️⃣ Initial scoping

You will have an initial meeting with us (at no cost) to discuss the scope and purpose of the business valuation. We then give you a formal proposal and fixed fee quotation

2️⃣ Data Accumulation

We collect relevant accounting and company governance documents. Our team then meets you for a fact-find discussion to develop a thorough understanding of your business

3️⃣ Analysis and reporting

We analyze the gathered data, using a range of databases to provide realistic benchmarks. A draft is reviewed by you and our senior valuation staff before the final valuation report is issued

4️⃣ Panel Review

All of our reports are reviewed by our multidisciplinary Valuations Panel prior to being issued

5️⃣ Post valuation support

If needed, our valuation specialists can help with commercial planning, dispute negotiation, and tax issues after the valuation is complete (which will be provided under engagement terms & conditions)

When do you require this ?

✅ Restructuring

✅ Corporate Governance

✅ Business Dissolution

✅ Financing

✅ Tax  & Accounting

✅ Succession Planning

✅ Merger & Acquisition

✅ Business Disputes

✅ Business Dissolution

✅ Goodwill Valuation

✅ Shareholder Exit